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Getting Started 

  • Provide initial notice of COBRA rights to all current employees to update group compliance.

  • Provide new group health participants notice when enrolling on various health plans.

  • Allow for emailed COBRA activation requests for qualifying event.

  • Notify employees and spouses of the continuation rights within three business days of notice or qualified event. - National regulation is 14 days.

  • Process COBRA Elections and required notices.

  • Issue payment coupons to COBRA participants.

  • Notify participant of premium changes.

  • Send late payment notices to participants at employer's request.

  • Ensure employer notification for COBRA coverage termination at the appropriate expiration date.

  • Monitor COBRA participants for individuals who reach age 65 and become ineligible for continuation.

  • Maintain complete documentation and document archive.

  • Provide customer service through telephone and email inquiries.

  • Provide monthly reminder emails for qualifying events.

  • Provide monthly reports of participant activity, benefits enrollment and terminations.

  • Notify affected carriers of COBRA participant enrollment.

Downloadable Documents

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