Self-Funded Health Plan Administration 

(Medical, Dental & Vision)

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Self-funded administration of health plans is a great tool for employers to battle the constantly inflating fully insured premium costs (is self-funding right for you?). We offer full, self-funded health plan administration, with an emphasis on customer service, transparency and cost management. In an industry where cost is continuing to put pressure on health plans to cut cost or service, we have found innovative ways to manage cost and maintain a high level of customer service.

Why consider a self-funded plan?

  • Reduce Costs (Potential Cost Reduction of 30% or More!)

  • Employer has opportunity to capitalize on good plan year (low claim loss)​

  • Out-of-network savings can be attained reducing overall cost

  • Less taxation than fully insured plans (minimum of 2% ACA tax savings on premium alone, states add another 1.75% on average)

  • Small employers (<100 FTE's) utilizing self-funded medical are not subject to community rating requirements

  • Self-funded plans are not subject to the Essential Health Benefit (EHB) Requirements which allows plans to exclude certain types of coverage that fully insured plans cannot 

Who is currently using self-funded medical plans?

  • Employers as small as 50 employees with stable claim history

  • Employers that desire flexibility and customization from their health plans 

  • 61% of all employees were covered by self funded/partially self-funded plans, compared to 44% in 1999

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