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Getting Started 

If you are interested in setting up a retirement plan or have chosen an investment vehicle and need assistance with administration and compliance, Professional Benefit Services, Inc. can help you.

To set up all the necessary documents for your Retirement Plan, you will need to complete a Document Checklist. Simply open the form, enter your document selections and print off the form to sign and date it. The checklist can be faxed or mailed to our office.

If you want assistance with a plan other than a 401(k) or have questions about the checklist, please contact us at our toll-free number,1-800-982-2012 or email us at

Our Retirement Plans

An employee retirement plan is an integral part of any employer's compensation package, whether you already have a plan and require annual administration or need assistance in establishing an appropriate plan for your employees, Professional Benefit Services, Inc. can help. It may be as simple as performing on-going annual administration or providing the legal documents to establish a Plan.

Learn more about Professional Benefit Services in the About Us section, follow the instructions in the getting started section to see how to begin, find out about our Services and Fees, or visit our Documents area. 


Almost every employee benefit plan needs a legal document which describes the eligibility requirements, benefit of the plan and other conditions surrounding the benefit. 

Our firm provides documents that have been prepared by the legal community and where a government review process is required the documents have been reviewed by government officials. 

Our office has document checklist to facilitate this process. In addition, our staff is ready to visit with a client either via a personal visit, electronic conferencing or phone conference to assist in plan design and provisions.

Documents are typically generated within two weeks of receipt of a completed document checklist.

We have documents that will allow flexibility for our employers. Our retirement documents designs range from employee contributions  only (deferral) to complex allocations involving employer contributions. Our cafeteria document designs range from Full Consumer Driven Health Care Products, Premium Only, HRA and Transportation. 

Our office is always happy to provide retirement employer application free of charge to further ensure that the document meets the goal of the employer.

Refer to our fee schedules for the price of these services.

Safe Harbor

If you find that your plan has difficulty passing the ADP test or your plan is Top Heavy, there is an alternative way available for highly compensated individuals to defer the IRS maximum into the plan for each plan year. This alternative way to satisfy the ADP test is to qualify the plan as a "safe harbor 401(k) plan." In order to qualify, the 401(k) plan must have Safe Harbor language in their document (or be amended to add this language for $100), satisfy a contribution requirement and a notice requirement. Once you satisfy the requirements to qualify as a safe harbor plan, your plan will no longer be required to satisfy the ADP test and highly compensated employees can defer up to the IRS maximum each plan year (assuming this plus employer contributions doesn't exceed the maximum of 100% of pay) regardless of how much the non-highly compensated defer.

The safe harbor contribution requirement is satisfied if the Employer makes one of the following contributions to the plan:

  • An employer 100% vested contribution of 3% of compensation to all employees eligible to participate in the plan

  • An employer 100% vested matching contribution for non-highly compensated employees of up to the first 3% of compensation contributed by the employee and 50% employer matching for employee contributions from 3% to 5% of compensation.


Effective January 1, 2002, the law provides that both the 3% of compensation safe harbor contribution and the safe harbor match described above will also satisfy the minimum 3% contribution if your plan is top heavy (though unlike the 3% top heavy contribution, the safe harbor contribution is 100% vested).

The safe harbor notice requirement is satisfied if each employee who is eligible for the plan is notified in writing of his/her rights under the plan within a reasonable period of time (30 to90 days is recommended) prior to the beginning of each plan year. This notice may be a simple one page notice indicating the plan sponsor has chosen to make a safe harbor matching contribution for the upcoming year, which is then attached to the Summary Plan Description for the Plan. Click here to get a sample notice: Safe Harbor Employee Notice.  For more information contact our office.

IRS Safe Harbor Provision - Annual Notification is Required!!

Downloadable Documents


Our office maintains documents via regulatory mandatory amendments and our office amends documents (discretionary) when a change is needed in plan design. Amendments generally must be executed prior to the effective date of the amendment.


Request for a plan amendment is typically done in writing and our office generally prepares them within two weeks of receipt. Refer to our Retirement Fee Schedule or Cafeteria Fee Schedule for the price for this service. 

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